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We coordinate corporate-startup collaboration to tackle important social challenges.


Things like workplace diversity and inclusion, financial inclusion and corporate responsibility to the communities in which they operate.


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The impact of business on society is moving from the periphery to the centre of corporate thinking.

Corporations are increasingly active in environmental and social issues, they commit more and more resources to address these concerns, and they are increasingly transparent about their impact on society and the environment.

This is more than a matter of principle. A rapidly growing body of research has proven a positive relationship between financial performance and performance on the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues.


We're addressing these challenges with the urgency they demand.


A new breed of leader and an emerging wave of tech and entrepreneurs is simultaneously driving this change and helping business adapt to it…


Methods and mindset for high impact corporate-startup collaboration.

We help business leaders prepare for the next phase of responsible business - enabled by a wave of emerging technologies and purposeful entrepreneurs - by coordinating collaboration with the entrepreneurial sector.



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Corporate leaders vastly increase their capacity to try new things, exploit emerging opportunities and accelerate their impact performance through partnership with startups.

Entrepreneurs get the opportunity to develop scalable solutions to clearly-defined challenges for pre-engaged and supportive clients.

The world gets an accelerated response to these urgent challenges.

It's a win-win-win.



Diversity & Inclusion is our first challenge

We're helping Diversity & Inclusion leaders prepare for the next phase of D&I: as energy shifts from measuring and benchmarking to action and influencing.

D&I startups are developing digital solutions to challenges like unconscious bias and non-inclusive cultures, empowering innovative business leaders to set new D&I performance standards.

We make these solutions as useful and accessible to D&I leaders as possible.


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The challenges




We coordinate impact alliances to address the most urgent* challenges in business. We'll be kicking off new challenge areas and new geographies throughout 2018. 


Diversity & Inclusion


Financial Inclusion

GovTech & CivTech



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We are actively seeking new challenges and new partners.


If you're considering tackling an impact challenge of your own, at any stage, we'd love to hear from you...