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D&I Tech Rising

We help Diversity & Inclusion leaders prepare for the next phase of D&I: as energy shifts from measuring and benchmarking to action and influencing; enabled by a wave of emerging technologies and purposeful entrepreneurs.

D&I startups are bringing technologies such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality and blockchain to bear on important challenges like unconscious bias and non-inclusive workplaces. By fully leveraging products like these, innovative business leaders are establishing new standards for D&I performance.



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We coordinate collaboration between big business and D&I entrepreneurs.



We have a suite of products that we apply as appropriate to a client’s current situation, including:


Tech Solutions & Innovations Report

Our Report contains every up and coming technology startup addressing D&I challenges. It breaks down use cases, trends, and highlights gaps. From it one can easily prescribe a course of action: identifying technology and other initiatives worthy of trialing.

This report is not available as a stand alone product but is included in the Workshops.


D&I workshops

Half-day workshops designed to up-skill and empower HR, D&I and senior leadership.

  • Understand what others are doing, and how you can use new technology solutions to effectively address D&I challenges
  • Includes our Tech Solutions & Innovations Report

Workshops can be internal or inter-organisational workshop (e.g. 5 banks sharing their challenges and collaborating to address them with tech)


Startup sourcing, evaluation and pilots

A bespoke service, often following a workshop engagement, based on the specific challenges you brief to us.

  • We’ll identify, screen and present potential collaborations from an ever-changing, global pool of D&I startups
  • Short, sharp exploration phases determine which products should progress to pilot
  • Optional in-house demo events to support stakeholder engagement

Note: if no solution exists we can work to co-develop a new solution



Bringing individuals across the organisation together to spark collective problem-solving, collaborative action, and accelerating your D&I agenda. Our hackathons are designed bespoke to your needs, but typically focus on employee engagement, idea generation and getting senior buy-in.

Key outcomes include:

  • Increased employee engagement & collaboration around D&I Strategy
  • Rapid idea generation, creativity and buy-in around a D&I challenges, building a pipeline of possible solutions and future initiatives
  • Participants upskilled in the entrepreneurial methodologies, tools and mindset essential for innovation
  • Materials and case studies to generate awareness and build a strong internal narrative around D&I challenges and support senior buy-in
  • A starting point for external D&I branding materials