Corporate Solutions

Our "solutions": (designed for different “phases”/maturity/readiness)

  • get tech savvy (i.e. understand it)
  • get tech ready (i.e. map your challenges to solutions, build the biz case, win stakeholder support)
  • get tech active (i.e. startup sourcing, collaboration)



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allies > challenges > solutions > collaboration > scale


  1. Engage Allies
    • Our allies are the people responsible for solving these impact challenges in business and government
  2. Identify Challenges
    • Together we define, prioritise and articulate key challenges to be briefed to the entrepreneurial sector
  3. Deliver Solutions
    • We engage the entrepreneurial sector to deliver solutions that address these priority challenges
  4. Coordinate Collaboration
    • Lighter touch brokering where established solutions exist
    • Hands-on, structured collaboration for less mature solutions
    • Where no solution exists we stimulate new entrepreneurial activity (including hackathons and open innovation) or new product co-development
  5. Support Scale-up
    • Brokering follow-on commercial deals to support continued development and scaled impact



We have a suite of products that we deliver as appropriate to progress through these phases, including:

>> Collaborative Industry Workshops

  • Share challenges, insights and success stories with your peers; collectively prioritise new opportunities

>> Internal Workshops (can escalate into Challenge Labs)

  • Half-day sessions to empower challenge leaders to fully leverage digital technology for maximum impact

>> Startup and Technology Reports (as bespoke as you want)

  • Profiling the startups you need to know, including case studies and product readiness as well as high-level trends

>> Demo Days and Events

  • Open and in-house demo events, featuring startups based on key challenges defined by the industry

>> Startup Sourcing, Evaluation and In-house Demos

  • We’ll identify, screen and present potential collaborations from an ever-changing, global pool of D&I startups

>> Managed Startup Pilots

  • Structured programmes that efficiently deliver mutual benefit for corporates and startups

>> Hackathons and Open Innovation

  • Facilitated sessions to stimulate innovation and rapidly generate new ideas

>> New Product Co-development

  • Where existing startups fail to meet corporate needs, our studio will build new products in collaboration with clients

>> Pulse (coming soon)

  • Know everything that’s happening at the leading edge of your impact challenge area, as soon as it happens


“Packages” (i.e. filtering this list a bit for specific use cases):

e.g. Bobbie

  • Make sure your organisation is thinking about D&I Tech… 
  • phase TBC
    • In-house Workshop
    • Internal D&I Hackathon
    • Startup Report
    • Pulse

e.g. Live Nation 

  • Start taking D&I action…
  • get tech ready (i.e. map your challenges to solutions, build the biz case, win stakeholder support)
    • Collaborative Industry Workshop
    • Startup Report and Briefing
    • Internal Demo Day
    • Business Case and Stakeholder Engagement

e.g. Moody’s

  • Focused collaboration with D&I tech…
  • get tech active (i.e. startup sourcing, collaboration)
    • Kick-off Session (to understand opportunities, priorities etc)
    • Pulse
    • Targeted Startup Report and Briefing
    • Startup Sourcing, Evaluation, Demos
      • including InChorus
    • Managed Pilots